Privacy Policy

Who we are or privacy policy

This Secrecy Procedure (“Policy”) Nigeria betting

 This secrecy procedure characterizes how Wager Nigeria(“Bet Nigeria”, “we”, “us”, “our” or “the Site”) acts towards personal data we gather and additional offline provenience. This Secrecy Procedure enforces actual and old guests to the Website and to our online clients. Close to impermanent and/or exploitation of the Website, you grant to this Secrecy Procedure.

What data do we ballplayers collect?

  • Demographic information

We gather demographic data around you much as, however not broad of, occasions you similar, occasions you plan to join in, tags you purchase, or whatever additional data supplied close to you during the operation of the Website. We strength gather this as a portion of an examination furthermore.

  • Other information

If you operate the Website, we ballplayer gather data around your IP destination and the application you’re exploiting. We strength looking at what website you came from, length of duration washed-out on the Website, sheet accessioned or what website you stay when you leave-taking us. We strength furthermore gather the sort of motile mechanism you are exploitation or the variant of the engaging process your pc or mechanism is working.

How we gather information

  • Directly from you

We ballplayer gather data whether you publish a message on the Website or enquire us an inquiry over telephone or netmail.

  • Passively from you

 We operate pursuit instruments similar to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, application biscuits, and net fires representing collection data around your utilization of the Website.

What we operate your individual data for

  • To react to queries

We strengthen operate the data you offer when contacting us, much as netmail destination, term and telephone amount. This data desire is victimized to repeat to whatever question you ballplayer transmit to us.

  • To develop personal experience

We strengthen operate your data to construct your practice with us. We, ballplayers, operate your data to create the Website greater and many targetted toward your concern. We ballplayer unify the data we excite from you with data around you we excite from 3rd groups.

  • To develop and observe security

We, ballplayer, operate your data to keep safe our corporation, our clients, or the Website.

Storing individual information

 We desire storehouse individual data just representing a delineated time of duration in compliance with our lawful duty unless a long time of duration is compelled or permissible close to regulation. Your data ballplayer keeps to be stored afterward you get updated or erased it from the Website, however not in a method that desires cooperation your individual personality. Each individual data desire is erased afterward the reminiscence time has breathed.


The Website makes use of “cookies” to line definite data around you. This data is victimized in compliance with our biscuit procedure to raise the total practice you get on the Website. The biscuit ballplayer is victimized to gather, storehouse and line definite kinds of data representing statistical aims. Net applications desire probable admit biscuits mechanically, nevertheless, you buoy modify this inside the application background. Behavior so, nevertheless, ballplayer influence the total practice you get on the Website. Stay at to study many around biscuits.

Third-congregation sites

If you click on a single of the tie to 3rd congregation sites, you ballplayer be entranced to sites we act not control. This procedure does not enforce the secrecy practices of those sites. Scan the secrecy procedure of additional sites cautiously. We are not amenable to representing these 3rd congregation websites.

Updates to this policy

From duration to duration we ballplayers modify our secrecy practices. We desire to warn you of whatever information substitution to this procedure as compelled close to regulation. We desire furthermore publish an updated record on the Website. Delight test our website sporadically representing revises.

Accepting this policy

By exploiting the Website you grant to admit that you get recognized each designation inside this Procedure and, then, grant that you admit and are boundary close to each designation cataloged inside. Whether you act or not admit any of the designations catalogued inside the Procedure, you are not accredited to the accession or operate the Website or its assistance.